Brown jelly infection?

I was looking at my Cynarina and I noticed its getting duller and duller. It almost looks as though all the white in covered in brown algae. I did some reading and came up with brown jelly infection. I read it could be caused by damage to the coral, and this makes sense as one of my other corals fell a few weeks ago and punched two holes in the cynarina. They closed up overnight, but now this. All my other corals are fine, so I really believe this is what happened. My question of course is, how do you all think I should take care of this?
Now I'm not so sure about Brown Jelly infection, this looks more like a stain. I tried to take some pics, but I had to wake up the tank to do it and I hate doing that. The cynarina has been moved to the bottom of the tank now. Apparantly BJD is very fast, and I've been noticing this for a few weeks now, getting darker and darker. The coral was pink and white when I bought it.



I can take some better pics at midday tomorrow....
I'm sorry, I really have no advice but I just want to say I hope it can be treated if it's an infection and your coral is beautiful.

Do you have a quarantine tank? I would put the coral in a quarantine tank or at least set one up just in case you need to treat the coral with something that you don't want the whole tank exposed to.

Maybe Reef Dip or Coral Dip would help. I am curious as to what the experts have to say.

Not sure you have brown jelly infection there.
True, brown jelly normally occurs with a jolt or injury to the coral, but yours doesn't look like that.

When my torch got damaged, you could absolutely tell it was brown jelly.
It actually started to look like stringy, jelly-like substance was oozing from the coral head. I used a turkey baster and suctioned it out. Now the torch head is empty.

I would look for another possible diagnosis, but it's my opinion.
Maybe someone with a similar coral could give you more advise....

Good luck.
Definitely not brown jelly,the coral would of been gone in a matter of days(without treatment).

My guess is it's changing color to adjust to your lighting.Besides that,it looks relatively in good shape.
I agree with the other posters. It's really easy to recognize brown jelly disease. It looks like oozing brown jelly. Your coral really doesn't look unhealthy. If I were to venture a guess, I'd say it was physically injured and is going through a healing process.
It might. With brown jelly, dipping is the recommended treatment, although it rarely works. Usually brown jelly is a fatal infection and can only be stopped if caught very very early. Like Freak said, it only takes brown jelly a couple days to kill the whole coral, so by the time you notice it, it's usually too late.

For other coral diseases or infections, either freshwater or iodine dips are helpful (depending on the type of infection and the type of coral).

If the coral is just healing from being wounded or adjusting to light, usually leaving it alone and not disturbing it is the best course of action.
I do believe it still looks healthy, its just when we picked it up it was completely white and pink. I read last night they sometimes prefer lower light conditions. I had him right at the top, so I moved him to the sandbed, we'll see how that goes. Thanks for the help, I got all freaky when I thought Brown Jelly