Brown jelly disease


can i put whtever i want?
Does this only effect corals or can it transfer onto my live rock as well.

Or maybe what I'm seeing is some type of algae that looks similar?

I Siphoned it out, but if it returns ill get some pics. And yes, I did have it on my green star polyp as well as on the live rock.

Also my phosphates were a little high as of this morning. Today I did two water changes, the first siphoning out the 'jelly' and the second grabbing anything i missed and for better water quality. Tomorrow morning I will retest and post. I may have to pick up a 'phosphate pillow' to lower them. Do you guys recommend them?
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Sounds like it's probably slime algae (cyanobacteria). Phosphate media will help, as will doing more frequent water changes for a while and increasing flow.
speaking of brown jelly, does it really look like jelly? I have seen twice a stringy brown/reddish thing coming out of my torch. It seems to break away from the torch with the water flow, but I really don't understand what it is. It almost looks like stringy beef if that makes any sense at all. It can be almost 2+ inches long.

p.s.- I feel like I am talking about car problems to a mechanic with this one. "It is making a vroom boom bang zzzzz sound!"
Alto, that sounds like coral poop, my torch does the same thing. Brown jelly covers the coral in a layer and there's usually dead coral skeleton underneath it where it's killed the coral off.