Brittle star killed by MP60


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Brittle star killed by MP60

Woke up this morning to see 1 of my brittle star fish in the MP60 being beat to deaf.:frustrat:
Is this common or am I just have a series of unfortunate events take place in my tank?

Also Is it a good idea to remove anything dead out of the tank right away or leave it in there so the crabs can get to it?
Awww, that sucks! Mine explores a power head from time to time but is too big to get to the impeller. If you can get any of it out easily I would but if you can't then let the clean up crew do their thing.
So it turns out after returning home from work I find that the three fifths on the star fish that was not destroyed is still alive.:bounce::bounce:
my choc chip star was sucked into the bottom of one of my power heads and he was all flat looking and when I pulled him off it looked like he had fat bubbles hanging off of him. they went away and he lives.

He looked bad when I found him and thought he was dead until I placed him on a rock and he moved on with his business.