Bristle Worm?

I had tons of these guys, never harmed anything. I did see a couple times my hermits killing snails. Ill take bristle worms any day, they will keep food waste down.

On another note, dont call americans arrogant at the same time you say you dont like yhem. Our country is huge with so many dif types of people it only makes you sound just like what you are claiming americans are...and why come here if you dont like us? I've never understood that...Ive heard it before from foreigners. "my country is so much better, America sucks..." Yet they come here and stay as long as they can...

Because it is easier and cheaper to live in America... :) and I have never said that my country is better...
there's a really fun way to test your bristleworms to see if they are fireworms, just give em a tap with your skin, if it hurts, its a bristleworm, if it burns like someone just slammed your hand onto a hot stove, it's a fireworm. just like anemones, you don't know if it will hurt or how bad until you touch it lol
oh, and Homer, once you get to America I bet you'll change your opinion. you'll be like the rest of us, hating the A-holes and liking the rest. we are pretty much like every other country in the world, there are good people and there are jerks, it's just that the jerks get more attention
Seems everyone hates America and Americans until they want something. Like that little thing called freedom...

Reminds me of a Robin Williams HBO standup... "We are the french and we hate America.. Hey Americans watch me feed this baby a cigarette, What's that?? The Germans are coming?? AMERICA!! We love you!"