Brine Shrimp In Fridge

I wasn't really sure where I should post this so I just picked corals since I am feeding my coral.

I realize that the new corals I got create more waste in my tank. So I am trying to cut down on that as much as possible. I let some shrimp float around the tank for my shrimp, crabs, star fish, clowns, anthias, and manderin. However, I don't want too much floating that it will cuase an issue. So when I dissolve 1/2 a cube of frozen brine I never need as much as it creates. Could I keep that in the fridge for 24 hours dissolved in the water without it going bad?
Yeah you can leave leftover food in your fridge without a problem.

I used to have one of those squirt bottles for condiments, and I'd thaw a few cubes in there at a time and just keep it in the fridge, ready to go.