Bought a toadstool it has not open up yet


Reefing newb
Yesterday I bought a toadstool and it has not opened up I have no lights on. Do I gust need to wait a little more
Well for starters, it won't open without a light. And secondly, sometimes it will take a few days, sometimes it won't. I've had some that opened the next day and some that took a couple weeks, so be patient. If its still not opening in a 3-5 days in the light, maybe try moving it to an area with different flow and light. They like low flow and lower lighting, so if its getting more than it likes, it will stay shut.
Ok good to know I have a 29 CB with a 350a Kessil on it. I have the toadstool on the bottom of the tank for now. Light comes on at 12:00 so I will be watching it through the day.
Thanks for the info guys buts me at ease
O.K. I was to impatient I turned on my light 1hr early and around the edges he is starting to come out so excited :)