Blue Treasure Salt Mix

I'm leaning towards the blue treasure mix. It dissolves really fast and I noticed some times that I had to pour a lot of instant ocean to get the salinity right. It's early to tell how good it is, but for my FOWLR it's doing well.
Hi everyboby !

I've seem this salt for sale in Brazil ,and the better of all is the cheaper price .
I have heard good comments about it , such as "fast dissolving" "vitamins B1 and B12" .
anyone else using this salt around here ?
any news about ?

All the best !
Made in China. That's all I need to know about it.
Personally, I would stick with a known brand, but it may be fine to use.
Was hoping to find some actual data and experience regarding this salt however it seems the country of origin is all that matters here, judging from mod's example.