Blue Treasure Salt Mix


Reefing newb
Anyone ever use this salt mix? I picked up a bag today and figured I'd try it out since it was even cheaper than Instant Ocean. Plus it's recommended by marine biologists! DANG!

I havent seen it for sale either

but, also no one regulates what companies put on their bags, so they could totally be lying about it being recommended by biologist.

Still could be a fine salt, im just saying

Test it out and give us a review!
True. It tasted like salt so it must be good. Jk haha.

It mixed in pretty well. If anything goes wrong in the tank I'll make sure to write about it.
Made in China. That's all I need to know about it.
Personally, I would stick with a known brand, but it may be fine to use.
It seems like a pretty good mix. It dissolves fast. I used to use instant ocean and it would take a bit of salt to get the salinity right. I poured in just a little and it overshot the target salinity by a lot! The tank seems to be fine.
I just got tropic marin its (German I believe) because my LFS recommended it and it came in a $20 box rather than a $60 bucket!

Let us know how you like it.
I used Tropic Marin for a while, too....$60 for a bucket. But my lfs closed for a few months, and no one else sold it, so I switched to Instant Ocean at around $40-50/bucket. Both were fine for me, but I don't have a reef tank anyway ;)