black sun polyp / tube coral


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Does anyone have experience with this coral? I am interested in getting one and wonder what you can tell me about them beyond the brief description listed on the various sites that sell them. Also, has anyone attempted to frag them? Is this a realistic picture of what they look like?
Very cool corals. Yes, that is a real pic. They are non-photosynthetic so YOU MUST feed them. They can be fragged, just like any other coral.
as others, you must feed them at least a few times a week. I've heard the black variety are harder to keep than the yellow but not impossible.

For my yellow sun, I target feed the polyps every other day with a cube of frozen food sometimes mixed with some cyclopeze to encourage a feeding response. Here's a pic of mine taken last June under actinics, it's grown since then. It's probably my favourite coral so I'd recommend getting one if you've got the patience.

A very high maintenance coral but beautiful.If you don't mine feeding them regularly then go for it.A mixture of cyclopeeze and mysis makes for a happy,fat sun coral.I'm not particually fond of the black sun corals.The yellows and orange are fantastic though.Remember,they don't always open when the lights are on.They can be trained to open somewhat if you feed regularly and at the same time each day.

I highly recommend Dendrophyllia over sun corals(Tubastrea spp.).The polyps are generally much larger and tend to stay open even when the lights are on.They can fetch a hefty price so don't be too shocked.
I was reading about them and the yellow sun coral,I'd like to get the yellow sun coral. For the black sun coral it says that it does best in high current areas and it doesnt like too much light.Also each polyp in the colony should get food.Read it in marine invertebrate book. Hope this helps :0)
I picked a yellow one up at THATFISHPLACE a few weeks ago. I almost have it to open fully to feed around 6 to 7 PM. Thats usually about 45 min. after I feed my tank.