black spots/patches on my reagal tang


Reefing newb
hello all,
hoping that I can get some ideas on what we might have going on in our tank. We woke up this morning and after looking at our regal, he has black spots on his face - only his face .... I could draw a line from the edge of his mouth to the bottom of his eye and all of the dots are above this line and both sides of his face over his nose. Yesterday he seemed a bit stressed, swimming around like he does when he stressed but we could see no symptoms - but now today we see the symptoms ..... i'm starting to research now but thought i'd through this out here quick to see if someone has seen this before. nh3 - 0 .. nitrate less than 5, phosphate about 0 ..... not sure about what it could be, but its got him excited for sure ... i'll try and get a pic - but is hard, hes a quick little swimmer when hes irritated!!

upon close examination under different lighting it doesn't really look like black spots, looks more like his blue color is kind of wearing off so to say ... almost has a metallic look to his nose
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it is kinda sounding like it may well be hlle ... and now im trying to find cures .... is looking like everything else under the sea ... not so easy to fix I think!!