Biffy Finally Gets a Build Thread!

I'm getting a second green mandarin tonight -- a companion for Mandy. Someone in my local reef club is giving her away because they have her in a 14 gallon nano and she's starving to death. I will name her Erin. That way I'll have Mandy and Erin, the mandarins. Get it? Hahahahaha! They are both girls, so I'm expecting them to get along fine.
??????? i dont know what half that crap means seems like everybody (the young generations) forgot their english or they all learned something else.
Done!!!! Finally finished reading through all 156 pages .... wasn't there something mentioned about another pic?

Nice work! The tank looks really awesome. :Cheers:

Oh, and for all those "im" shortcuts ... wait until those young kids get to the work force ... it is a no-go for my staff.
Hey Sarah .... just got to let you know my daughter is really enjoying your thread. PHD ... now there is a great way to inspire her.:Cheers::bounce: :^:

"Previous" pics looked great, especially the clams. You leave us "small tank" folks wondering how you have the time to do it all (although love my little 46 gal tank ... which will NEVER be on a build forum).