Best water temp/salt lvls


Reefing newb
I'm running a 45 gallon mixed reef with a skimmer and phosphate filter. Looking to add a clam. I have read clams prefer lower salt lvls. Currently I aim for .023-.025and 77-78 water temp. Would a clam do well in my tank?
I keep my SG at 1.026 for my mixed reef and have never had an issue with clams.

Your temp will be fine. If your system is running good at your SG levels then stick to what is working for you. Stability is your friend. Make sure you have the proper lighting to support the clam.
yeah, stick with 1.025-1.026 for a mixed reef.
I've run as low as 1.023 for a stronger fish immune system before, but i have since raised it about 1.025.
Helps keep your trace minerals up for your coral.
Clam is fine. Watch your calcium levels. Clams need calcium.
1.026 and 79.5-80°. Seems to be keeping everything healthy for me. I used to keep it at 1.025 and 78-79° in my old tanks and did well. But like salt said, stability is more important than the actual numbers as long as they're in line, but I think most people prefer 1.025-1.026 and high 70's to 80 or so.