Best Price Ever--test Ordered

It is good for anything with a four foot, foot print 75, 90, 120, and 4ft 150's those are the standard tanks, Im not sure about bowfronts or waves. Basically anything 48" long

Nope I ordered it for my 90 gallon that I have in storage.
Its 2x250w halides, 4x54w T5s and six lunars with all ballasts included. Two fans two timers and four power cords. Ballasts alone would be in the 5-6 hundred range. Plus its all german technology and everyone knows that us germans are the worlds best engineers! Haha JK.
They have the ''price'' and ''you save'' reverse.Good luck to the people who are buying.All you have to do is read the policy for mistakes made on their websites.Every online vendor has that so called ''clause'',they are not idiots.
All they'll do is cancel the orders and give a few dollar credit. It cause a major headache if anything else.
Order canceled $10 store credit for the trouble. For anyone looking the lighting fixture is back order until late July or early august. Always worth the shot.