Best Price Ever--test Ordered

Now lets see if they honor the pricing. That is the question of the day! Curent USA Outer Orbit for 213 SHIPPED. I wont be able to sleep well on that! Hahahaha.
they have to honor the price or they get slapped with law suits for false advertising, if you go to a website for airline tickets and it say .99 for a round trip flight from miami to cali instead of $99 they have to honor it so the same principals apply here, they got the decimal wrong and until its fixed they have to honor that price, gotta love consumer rights
We'll see they are out of stock currently. Im hoping like hell! Ill have another build thread soon if they do!
as long as its up they ahve to honor it or they may charge you the right price they intended to post their and give you store creidt for the difference
this is from the FTC: What responsibility does a company have to make sure that prices are accurate? 
In many jurisdictions, companies are legally required to charge no more than the advertised or shelf price for a product, so good pricing practices are important for both customer satisfaction and a company’s bottom line. For tips on accurate pricing practices in advertising and in retail stores, ask the FTC for Good Pricing Practices?
They will just say it was a clearance sale until they were out of stock. Then will discontinue the item temporarily. No going to hold my breath.
I think that list price is wrong -- the original price for that lighting fixture is not $1200+. That's how much I paid for my 6-foot 4-250 watt MH with T5 actinics.

What you paid for the light is actually close to what it normally goes for... They just have the "original" price listed incorrectly.

Sorry dudes.
I just bought one, so we'll see what happens. I have no idea what I am going to do with this thing, but I figure for $220.00 shipped I can't go wrong. Heck the halide and T5 bulbs cost that much alone.

Biff- The fixture really is around $1,000.
I doubt they will honor this price. It doesnt seem logical that they would. I wouldnt if it were my company...Mistakes happen, doesnt mean they should let themselves get ripped off...if they honor it, it is the deal of the century. Good luck ya'll.
so is this really worth the buy or not? What size tanks (gallons) would this be good for? It would be too small for a 180 right?
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ryan ordered it for his 180 so im gonna guess it would be. and as for me when i get mine im going to upgrade the halides to 14000k since that is the best temperature for both good looks and optium growth right?