best place to buy a tank?


Reefing newb
i am looking for the best deal on a tank. i really want a 150g (72x24x20) tank acrylic if possible.

does anyone know a good place or website to purchase tanks? doesnt have to have exactly what i am looking for just something like it. i want a good product for a good price, like anyone does with anything i guess haha, but if any suggestions or recomendations let me know. thanks
I hear is good. There stationed in TN but make several trips to other states for show and for a small fee can bring it with them for you to pick up or they can ship it to you. To see if they will be near you soon you can go to there site and check they can make just about what ever kind of tank you want.
yeah ive heard good things about
they got acrylic and glass, they do custon sizes as well as normal size tanks. all different sizes
My Reef Creations seems like a good place.I've seen threads on RC and people really are impress with the workmanship and I believe cheaper than custom Tenecor prices.

Here's the link....MRC--Cube Tanks
thanks guys thoughs are both great sites, now i just have to get the money to buy a tank. if anyone elses has any suggestions let me know.