Best cure for pop eye?


I have a keyhole angel I bought about a week and a half ago. Its sitting in a 12 gallon eclipse quarintine tank. Yesterday I noticed his eye is freaking huge and glazed over. Im pretty sure its a case of pop eye. I feel bad for him, he just kinda swims in circles cause he can only see threw one eye. Does anyone have any experance with medications to treat this? If so what worked best?
Melafix, its all about the Melafix. Get a bottle, gone in a week. Keep him in the QT tank. Good Luck.

-Dr Marco :sfish:
I went out and bought a bottle of the Melafix Dr Marco suggested..... that stuff smells like :pooh:. I was surprised how inexpensive and readily avaliable the it was. Some of the treatment I was looking at were pretty expensive. Well see how it goes in about a week or so. Thanks.
You might just have to wait it out, I've tried Melafix for popeye before with no luck. Best case scenario -- it goes down and the fish gets back to normal, or the fish could lose its eye, but as long as it can still feed, it could survive. Or it could lose its eye and not be able to compete for food. One of my pajama cardinals ended up losing one eye, but gets by just fine with the remaining one.