Best and cheapest place to buy live rock


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I posted phosphates to high and was told my 40# of non porus dry rock was most likely it. Removed all 40 pounds yesterday. Did vinegar test on all and no foaming. Wife said it looked like the rocks we used to step on crossing a creek in Indiana. was suggested in that thread but out of stock on everything. Looking to buy 30 or 40 pounds of rock. Actual life rock with coraline and full of critters which used to be the norm at LFS 12 years ago would be nice. Of course $2.50 a pound then and no shipping :) Been looking at florida aquaculture rock.

Thanks in advance,
Gary Porter
You can buy excellent quality dry rock, (I believe it's the same as marcorocks), from bulkreefsupply.

If you want live rock, has some good stuff.
The best place to et the best live rocks is called Tampa bay Salwater. They have amazing rock. It's cheap too but the shipping can get up there?

You should email marcorocks. I bet he will be able to hook you upwithdryrock and then you would just need one piece of lie rock to seed it.
I also think Tampa Bay Saltwater has the best quality stuff -- and it's aqua (mari?) cultured.

I've purchased live rock from Live Aquaria too. It was a good price, but nowhere near the life that TBS rock has.

Salty Critter is another place that a lot of members here have used with positive reviews.
Yeah it's maricultured. :-)
There's a spot on his site where he explains about his permits to drops tons of rock into a shallow part of the gulf and he left it there for a couple of years and now he gos and gets some and sells it.

It always looks amazing in people's pictures as well.

I was thinking of getting some the other day and it only ships through airline freight but he offered to et it to my airport for 90 shipped for as much as I wanted. I just don't need that much more so I haven't pulled the trigger. He's got fast customer service too
I ordered a lot of rocks from TBS a couple years ago, and it came with so much cool stuff. I can say first hand that it's the best quality live rock you'll find online (and environmentally friendly and ethical too).
For live - +1 to everyone that recommends TBS. All you have to do is go to d2mini's 130 gallon build thread. Pics are worth a thousand words, and Dennis takes some amazing pics.

If you just want to do dry, then Bulk Reef Supply is great. I got some of their dry rock for my 10, and I am very happy with it. Dry will quickly become live, and it doesn't come with unwanted hitchhikers. OTOH, TBS live comes with plenty of beneficial and beautiful hitchhikers in addition to the couple baddies you have to fish out, so they really are worth the extra dollar you spend on the shipping.....