Been a long time since i've been on here


Reef enthusiast
Hows it going living reefs, thought i would drop in and see how forum is going. Still doing reef tanks tore down 125 gallon and 75 gallon and downgraded to couple cube tanks to give me some room in house. I got 93 marine land cube going(new setup) and 24 nano and both are running LED's.

ecotech radion 2nd generation, swc 160 cone skimmer, sicce3.0 return pump, bulkreefsupply dual media reactor. 5 and half gallon top off tank with jbj auto topoff.
since i took down my 125 gallon and moved everything but half the live rock into 93 cube i've been thinning out the leather corals only keeping few colorful one that i have and adding more zoanthids and palythoas and button polyps.