Reefing newb
Hi! I currently have a 75 gallon marine tank, 55 gallon freshwater and cycling a 37 gallon for seahorses. I really do enjoy keeping aquariums.
Nice to meet you, too. Especially someone that is close to me in Tennessee.When I go to the Gatlinburg area, I always have to go on to Knoxville to visit the Aquarium store there. It is a really great fish store. Until this past year or so there hasn't been much choice for buying fish and supplies in this area. i had been ordering from That fish Place and Big Al's and going to Greenville, S.C. and Knoxville to get most of my fish. I have currently got an ich problem from adding a blue regal tang. it hasn't infected any other fish but the tang as i am treating with kick-ich. it seems to be working as of now. I quarentined the tang first, but it still got ich two days after putting in my display tank.
Thanks! I still hope the kick-ich will kick it all out of my tank. I have thought about adding sterilizer. I may have to get one. Keeping marine tanks is certainly a rewarding and learning experience. I learn something new everyday.