bad news and a little help


Reefing newb
i was at work and my girlfriend calls me and says the anthias that i bought on saturday is being attacked by my nassius snail. she looked closer and he was trying to fight them off and by the time she moved the rock he was behind he had stopped moving and 4 snails were on him. well hes gone. now what do i do. a water change or let it be. she did get him out of the tank right as he died. a little help please. i checked my water on saturday and they all read 0. so i know my water is good.
Sorry to hear about that. If the body has already been taken out, then I wouldn't do a water change.

The snails would not have attacked the fish unless it was already on the bottom dying. There's no way they could have caught the fish. So if it makes you feel any better, the snail isn't a killer... Anthias are difficult fish to keep alive, I wouldn't try another one until your tank is more established or you get a larger tank.

Again, sorry to hear about that, it always sucks to lose a fish.
thanks Biff for the fast response and do you think if the fish had a disease it will affect the other fish in my tank only being in the tank less than 2 full days. is a 20% water change enough?
Many anthias can come with internal parasites/flukes that are only specific to other anthias.I wouldn't be concern about the other fish unless they completely stop eating.Keep an eye on your fish and do the water change if you feel its needed.

Sorry for your lost-anthias have become my favorite reef fish.
thanks reeffreak and your wisdom has made me feel alittle better about the situation. the only thing that worries me is that my coral beauty hasnt seemed to be eating well since i got it. i first started with mymis. then bought algae sheets and still doesnt seem to want it but she grazes on the rocks like a champ. any ideas on that problem. its my first fish and my girlfriend loves it. sounds like the angelfish eats all day on the rocks and dont want to feed on what i want it to eat. i know it was eating at the store before i bought it because i made them feed it first. thanks for everyones help as always.
Try some garlic extract and San Francisco Bay brand angel food.They make a food specifically for angels-it has sponges,seafood and maybe a little algae also....I can't remember?!?!The beauty is picking at the rocks so it has to be healthy and just looking for food.

BTW,sponges make up part of the diet of angels in the wild.Also the SF Bay food is a frozen fishfood in cubes.
thanks reeffreak as always and good news is i fed the fish after i got home from work and i did see the angel eat the mysis but not like the other fist. she waits for it to come by then graps it. the lawnmower blenny hasnt seemed to touch it either and wont eat the algea sheet. but does a hell of a job on the rocks.