Baby Niger Trigger In Reef?


The Reefanatic
Hey Everyone, I was thinking about putting a baby Niger Trigger in my reef tank. I've heard of ppl having some success with them not eating their corals. i know CUC would be in trouble, but thats fine b/c I don't have much to begin with. My thinking is that if I buy a baby (1" or 2") than I can train it to eat what I provide as a opposed to the corals in my tank. What do all you all think?
Your corals would be fine, they're listed as reef safe with caution because of their affinity for CuC. I know 2 people here have had them in reefs, I think Biff and Erin were the ones that had them.
Biff I think had a pinktail... I did have a Niger, though. He was a model tank citizen for the most part. Just make sure everything is double epoxied down.
Mine never bothered my any of my hermits or my snails. And he and my skunk cleaner were besties. The peppermints, however, were another story.