Avery's 90 Gallon Tank Build

No I haven't seen it Im going to go look for it now, maybe an algae or bacteria bloom?

Mmm, that would be REALLY suspect... It's a true pure white and I can see the silt building up/settling in certain places... plus it hasn't been long enough to get an algae bloom and I have no lights running since they have been delivered yet.

But I've seen two people post pics of their builds up here the past few weeks and y'all have had clear water pretty quickly. I'm not only running filter floss BUT a Fluval G6 24/7 as well.
So its been a while since my last update.. Some new additions are:

1 Scooter Blenny
1 Red Scooter Blenny
1 Diamond Goby
2 Purple Firefish
12 Hermit Crabs

Check em out!







Thanks everyone for the comments! I will have to enter the POTM sometime. Not this mnth though. My full tank shot isn't that impressive yet. I'm hopig to score some even more awesome zoa's this weekend. I'll keep everyone updated. My new task is to clear up the stuff in the water. It looks pretty clear to me but you can see some of the stuff in the pics and it drives me crazy. I really doubt it's air bubbles so I'm thinking of getting a canister filter but not running it all the time because I know there a pain and a nitrate factory. Any other thoughts??
I'm not sure if that will work I have filter material in my bubble trap but that only helps so much. Maybe it's just because my goby is making such a mess.
I don't think the newer canister filters are as much of a pain as older models. I also think the media sets you use will play a critical role. Outside of nitrates, however, you can buy a few different media based items that will reallyhelp 'scrub'your water, however, that and carbon can easily extract a number of trace elements.

When I run a fresh container of carbon through my fluval, I'll see my calcium drop immediately and faster then when I'm not running it and run tests weekly.

Also, with any filter feeders, a 'dirty' water column isn't always bad.
Well its been quite a while since I last updated this, so today seems like a good day to update. Plus I have some new zoa's that I picked up today that i needed to take some pics of. The diamond goby from last update managed to jump out, and so did his replacement. So now I have a glass top and my pink spotted goby has been living quite happily for a month now. But pics speak better than words so here they are!














I also have another frag red mushroom coral frag and another frag but they were asleep for the night because my lights were off when I got home but that is the majority of my new additions!

More pics to come!