ATS in Rubbermaid w/ gravity feed


newbie reefer
I used to have just an algae turf scrubber in my closed system sump (no baffles). It was not clean and was thankfully nudged into re-doing my sump into something better. I have recently added a new skimmer, bubble trap and refugium (6"DSB+LR). So I wanted to add that extra bit of filtration and still incorporate my ATS. So I attempted searching the web for ideas on how to add my ATS into my set up. I only had the 350GPH pump from my previous ATS set up, so I used the same trusty kitty condo next to my sump I currently use for my gravity fed ATO. Luckily we have a furnace room behind my tank so after a debate, breakfast, lunch, and dinner I was able to cut holes into the wall :bounce:

Anyways, I used this rubbermaid container from lowes, some left over 1" spa flex tubing, and a 1" slip bulk head I picked up from my LFS. At first I attempted to try this elbow fitting for a drain and 3/4" braided tubing, but it was not draining as best as I wanted to I went back to the drawing board and came up with this.

from the top. I cut out where the ATS piping and screen. I thought I would have to zip tie it in place, but ended up not having to.

After a day of it running there was quite a bit of condensation building up inside the tote, so I cut out a few breathing holes for this reason.

Here is a view of my revamped sump. Last time I attempted making baffles they broke free. This time, I took the extra time and siliconed each baffle twice.

And here is where my sump is in relation to the main display.

So here is another DIY thread for anyone frivolously searching for a ATS in a rubbermaid tote. I'll post the progress of algae growth over the next few weeks.:mrgreen:
I really dont think its a good idea to keep the lights in the tub like you have. I think that is just asking for electrical problems.
Great! I used a new screen and scuffed it up better than the first generation. Hopefully I will get some better growth. Thanks again little_fish!