Arcadia T5 bar on eBay

It looks good to me. A great light, after a year or so you probably will want to move into a MH light, but I ran a comprable light on my 55 for the last year with great results, my light was by coralife.
Looks good almost 3watts a gallon(yours is 55-56 gallons)I looked at another ebay ad and it had the wattage for the light.You would defently be able two keeps softies(zoos,mushroom ect.)maybe some lps coral as well(hamers,fogspawns ect)Usually the fixture it self controls the wattage and the bulbs have to be a match.good luck on the for a price. I have dual 65watt with lunar lights on 29 gallon 4.5 watts per gallon.I got this $85 dollars delivered but the vendor is here in states.pricing and avalibility seems differant in the UK
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Just as a posted my last reponse I got an e-mail fromt he seller with the specs of the lights;

Hi the lights are

2x Arcadia FBW39T5 (Blue)
2x Arcadia FMW39t5 (White)

Hope this helps, for further specs please see the arcadia web site