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ive heard bad things about aquatraders before, but had never used them. i just recently purchased a light fixture from them and i was very pleased. their products may not be the best brand of things (mostly odyessa), but customer service is excellent. Prices are really good too
I have purchased several products from them, and was pleased with the first few purchases, but when I ordered a 6 foot Halide system and it started on fire (due to faulty wiring) and my friend had the same issue with his 6 foot Odyssea. I also had two ballasts burn up for the Power compact systems.

Aquatraders originally was very pleasant when I told them what happened they said they would take care of me, but I am still fighting to get my money back for the halide system and another new ballast for my PC, this was over a year ago, I now don't even get returned calls. (money down the drain, or better yet up in flames :)

Be Careful....
From what I have read and no real experiance is that the old fixtures had the magnetic ballist and the fans were faulty and that the ballast would heat up and sometime catch fire, but now they have electronic ballasts and they run cooler. There is a big thread on RC about it and they say it was just the metal halide lights and since they changed them there alot better now. Just what I have read though.
The new mh have electronic ballast and work very well, same quality of coralife for a lot less, maybe even better than coralife because they still using magnetic ballast.