Aquatic Addictions

Ordered a black acrylic skimmer box and a MJ1200 impeller from these douche-bags on Monday 09-15-08.

They took the $$ outta my account right away. So far so good.

Sent me an email confirming my order. Lookin' good.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

Wednesday night, late ------- checking email. No tracking number. No communication at all.


Sent a NICE and PROFESSIONAL email requesting an update on the status of the order. Asked for a tracking number. Asked if order had shipped yet.

Thursday after work. Nuthin'

Friday morning........ nuthin'

Friday evening after work...... sent 2nd email requesting communication. Requested status of order. Asked for tracking number. Asked if items were being drop-shipped from manufacturer. Asked if items were back-ordered. Asked to either update, ship, send info, or send my damn money back.

Been 5 days since they took my money. Ain't heard sh*t from them.

do they have a number to call them? i bet you are very angry i would be. call your bank and file a dispute over payment.
I feel like an idiot because I DIDN'T look for a phone number on the website BEFORE I whipped out the credit card.

I've searched their website for over an hour. No phone number at all. :grumble:

I did some google searches and came up with a phone number. Tried to call them twice today from work. It rings to a fax machine. :frustrat:

I'll give them until Tuesday. After that, I call the bank and get the $$ refunded.
It may just come one day. The same thing happened with my order from global aquaria. Didn't hear anything for a week and a half then it just arrived one day.

Their crappy customer service sucks, but who knows... it just may show up :)
same with me from global aquaria, i got a confirmation email and then nothing after that. a week later the lights show up and then a week and a half after that i get a tracking number from them
I can definitely understand your frustration, especially after the poll topic about tracking numbers. I know how you are :) still my guess is that it will probably just show up. I sure hope it does.
Rc.. Hope you get the things you ordered soon .I hate waiting for thing to arrive. It happened to me when I ordered my MH lamp. It showed up like2 weeks late..
I double checked the site for you to try to find a contact number but no luck either !! GOOD LUCK Mr President (TTC)
Finally got a tracking number from them. Had to send 3 emails. The 3rd email was NOT nice.

Excuses, apologies blah blah blah.

Sent me a bum tracking number that didn't work.

Sent a 4th and quite nasty email. Pissed off at this point. Don't apologize!! Just ship the stuff or refund my money. Your personal problems aren't my concern!! My CONCERN is that you took my $$ and then ignored me for a freakin' week!!

FINALLY got an email with a tracking number that works. The tracking number indicates they are shipping something to Arvada, CO. We'll have to wait and see if it's REALLY what I ordered. At this point, I think it's a coin toss.

I'll update upon arrival. The package is supposed to be delivered tomorrow.

A week isn't all that bad. I'd have waited 10 days. If they had just SENT me some good info and a tracking number that worked, instead of ignoring me, sending a bad tracking number and making excuses about it. I can deal with a week. Thats no abnormal for UPS. I can't deal with the level of service they provided so far.
Product delivered 09-24-08 @ 4pm

Acrylic pre-skimmer box is cracked on one corner. I'm not about to send it back to them. I'll glue it. :grumble:

Not going back to those guys. EVER