Aqua Lifter AQ-20 Dosing Pump Aqua Lifter AQ-20 Dosing Pump


I failed Kobayashi Maru
We bought a float switch for the sump of the 125g to make an ATO and so I was shopping around for a dosing pump and found this one

[ame=] Aqua Lifter AQ-20 Dosing Pump: Kitchen & Dining[/ame]

Any one have opinion on that one?
I'm sure that will work fine for you. I use one on my overflow to remove the air out. Haven't had no problems with it. A good monthly cleaning will help alot with it's performance.
Cool...thanks. So you only used yours for air? Hopefully it can handle the on/off it will be doing to top off the sump.
Well it pumps more water than air. That's what you want it to do in that application. I use a small fountain pump with my ATO in my holding tank to the display tank. That works out good also
Not yet. It's been running in my overflow for about 7 months. I think the cleaning with regular H20 helps quite a bit