Anything new in the 6-ish gallon arena?


Reef enthusiast
I like having my Fluval Edge at work but it's really limiting due to the piss-poor lighting setup even with upgraded lighting. The hood blocks too much and taking it off makes the tank ugly. Anything cool out there these days that would make a worth replacement? I'm thinking something that will let me hang a small led lamp over it. Want to be able to keep easy sps.
That new LED replacement I posted in your build thread got some good reviews. Have you checked that one out at all?
Here's an ecopico with a reef in it. According to ecoxotic, they replied to another person and said: "It depends on if you set it up as a heavily stocked coral tank or more of a community tank. A basic marine tank does not require anything else. If you want to grow more corals, the only additional items would be two additional 12K/453nm Blue LED strips and a splitter."

[ame=]‪EcoPico Reef Desktop Aquarium - Ecoxotic Eco Pico‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]