Anyone use overflow covers?


Do Not Listen To Me!!!
I was on the site for (forgets manufacturers name) that make the acrylic tanks and they make this huge bow front where the front is not as curved as normal.

They say they make overflow covers for their tanks to keep the light out so you do not grow algae in there.

They have these really nice tanks that are at least to me awesome looking with sunk in lids and feeding shoots.

Just thought spending $4600 for the fully loaded with the stained wood stand/canopy and reef filtration system was crazy.

Saw the tanks for a lot cheaper at stores though.

Oh here is the brand - Tenecor

Sorry dudes and duets I just love their tanks look and stands.
No I just was at like fishtank depot or some site and they had the tanks with the options and descriptions and things you can upgrade.

I don't even think there were many pix.
Looks nice, but IMO that upgrade is not worth an extra $949. If you order a new tank, it normally comes with the overflow covers included. I'm not too sure what the other "premium" features are -- the rim certainly is nice, and I couldn't fine a pic of that feeding chute. But for that price? No way.
Yeah the chute is in that photo set for the premium thing. Its on the left somewhere. Going to sleep so can't see it I will look tomorrow.