Anyone have any pulsing xenia up for sale or trade? Thanks!


Reefing newb
Anyone have any pulsing xenia up for sale or trade? Thanks!
I really like the pom pom type but any are good as long as they are the pulsing type!
I bet Chris (reinfinity) will be along shortly. He usually has some. Glad to see another Chattanoogan posting. Hope you'll try to make one of our club meetings. Did you make down the frag swap last month?
Welcome to the boards. Please check back in these threads to see when our next meeting is. I am sure someone could bring some then if you can't get it before hand.
reinfinity fishman ironman there are a number of members that have xenia.

Nice to meet you and hope to meet you at a future meeting.

Absolutely. BTW if you reed some of the posts you will find out we sometimes get a bit sarcastic and carried away with giving each other a hard time.

Don't think anything of that.... we have all become good friends over the last year or two and sometimes get carried away.

Please feel free to ask as many questions as you need and we help the best we can.

Like brandon said, don't let the sarcasim scare you off. We will be more than happy to help you. We just love to give each other a hard time. Post here for a little while and you will find it contagious.
Poor Bryan, he can never keep up. You'll find that he has some good info but he's a little slow on the up-take. Bless his little heart!!
Go kiss a sponge patrick


You seriously have to cut that sH*$ out.

You know you got some xenia so offer some up and get back on topic.

mine pulses but Its not the pom pom and its not a real active pulser. people who usually ask for pulsing xenia want it cause it has a vigorous pulsing action. I do have some xenia though.
You ought to get some kinda lame award for posting that pic twice and then to talk about vigorous pulsing action. Come on man!! Lets keep this a clean family forum. Keep your nasty posts for the private forum!!

And give up some of the Xenia!!
you notice yall scared off the original person who started this thread with your sarcasm and filthy mouths. for shame for shame
Haha! so you have some xenia you'd be willing to part with? I am glad theres a site like this for people wanting to learn and trade things oceanic