Anybody have any frags they wanna sell?


Tanerious Swimeroundus
Does anyone have any frags they would like to sell? I would pay for shipping,for the frag obviously, and etc. They are just so damn expensive at the LFS here.
I'm in Canada so fosters and smith don't ship here , and sniffles I'll check that site whn I get to my real computer
It's going to be in your best interest to find a local club and attend a frag swap. That would be the best place to buy IMO. Nobody in the USA is going to take the risk of shipping corals to another country in the dead of winter. There's a pretty good chance they will arrive dead IMO.
I agree with RC. Also what you think is expensive at the LFS might end up being cheaper than buying online once you add shipping in. Usually better off buying from your LFS if its a reputable one. is cool.
Definitely find local though, shipping to Canada would be sketchy IMO in winter especially.
I feel bad for you :( We get a lot of Canadians on this site that seem to run into the same problem -- unable to buy things from the US.

There have got to be some reef clubs in Canada, right?
Thanks for the sympathy Biff, haha.

Ive tried looking but i just cant find anywhere :(

I agree with trying to buy local too, but besides being expensive for the corals they do carry, there is like no selection
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Check out Green Marine in Berkeley Calif. They just opened the beginning of the year and almost every frag is aquacultured and 10.00. They are going to open up on-line shopping as well, but not sure when or how that will work. I think their website is