Any experience with


Reefing newb
Any one use the coralife digital timer. I just got 2 on ebay for $20 each. Are they hard to set up?

What about jebo heaters. Anyone have any feedback on them?
Can anyone help me set mine up?

I want my actinics on at 8am, then daylights at 9am, then daylights off at 8pm, actinics on at 8pm, actinics off at 9pm, and lunar lights on from 9pm-8am... :)

Anyone for help?
They are a timer that has multiple outlets. That are either always on, or on or off. They can have different times for during the week or even multiple on off cycles during the day.

They suck!
Especially the mechanical and dual timers.I lose time and it gets stuck all the time.I think the digital one is ok.