Any experience with Moray's?


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Does anyone have any experience with Moray's? My local guru has a gorgous 24in snowflake for sale that I absolutely am in love with each trip to his store has a good half hour dedicated to gawking at him. I know that being a beginner to reefs I shouldn't even consider attempting to keep such a complex and difficult animal like this but he is the reason that my interests have change from planted to reef, him and wanting corals and anemones. Any info would be great for somewhere down the line. Thanks
What size is your tank. You should prob have at least a 75 gallon. Also the fish you keep with it need to be slightly larger. He will gobble up anything under an inch most likely. They also need a lot of hiding places because that is where they will spend most of their time.
Snowflakes are nice, but like Alto said, they are not reef safe. They'll eat snails, crabs, shrimp and other fish. If you are planning on a predator-dominated tank or keeping large fish, then go for it. Otherwise, you should probably pass on it.
There poop is directly proportional to there food intake and they love to eat and damn there fun to feed. The last ones I had went through bags of whole frozen shrimp an lots of scallops and squid. Lots of water changes and lots of live rock, and a really good skimmer if you want much in the way of corals with a large moray. Usually they are a fish recommended to be kept with those nitrate factories the "trickle filter" due to the mass poop. Never ever had one climb out of a tank. Yes they did clean the tank of anything that moved that they could possibly swallow. I preferred the Dragon Moray.