Amonia help needed


Seahorse Owner
i have a 10 gallon saltwater fish tank and it has a hang on the back filter, live rock, and a power head and a heater. Its amonia is level is 0.5 and i wanted to know how i could resalve this.
I'd remove the HoB, do a water change, post some more parameters for us. Also, whats the stock what are you feeding and what are you using to test the water with?
why would i need to remove the hob I have done a water change within the last month and i have not fish in the tank but I have had a baby long horn cow fish in the tank for about 6 months and was feeding it only what it could eat in 2 min once a day and now there is no stalk in the tank unless there is still a anenome crab. But I do not know if its still alive
I am using the api saltwater test kit and its been working out fine it was just already opened when I got it and i am only able to test amonia nitrite and high range ph and my nitrite is 0 and my amonia is as I told you guys earler is 0.5
the api test kit will sometime show a slight green tent sometime your might be getting a false reading if you can take a water sample to you lfs and have them test your water to confirm your reading
but if the tank has a good bio filter you should never see ammonia i know api test will show slight green without having ammonia
and having 0 nitrites and having ammonia is either 2 things either her lost his bio filter and the tank i cycling in witch case he should see nitrites start to climb or he is getting a false reading on his ammonia test
I do not have a lfs close to me that will test my water for me (I do have one close to me I can even walk to it, but they just do not test water for people) but i think that petco may and I have one close but I cant count on them