Alex's 10 Gallon Journal


L'homme de l'eau
This is a 'journal' of my 10 Gallon's progress. I will update it as much as possible! It also gives you a chance to see my progression as a new salt water hobbyist. :)

Water Changes:

I change 25% of the water biweekly, to ensure good water quality. This, also includes siphoning leftover debris. However, I find that with salt water aquariums you have to siphon less, and less in contrast with freshwater aquariums, where siphoning needs to take place more frequently. Furthermore, I clean the filter. :shock:


An other thing you should know about my aquarium is that it's equipped with Blue LED Lights, and sadly, cameras don't seem to agree with Blue LED Lights. Most pictures I have of my aquarium, are not great quality. Also recently, I bought Red LED Lights from PetSmart for only $3.00! :toothy12:

Tank Inhabitants:

This aquarium houses the following:

  • 1 Blue Fin Damselfish
  • 2 Red Leg Hermits
  • 2 Blue Leg Hermits

It also houses live rock, of course. Well, rock that I made Live Rock. It serves the same purpose, and functions the same way.

Low Quality Pictures:

Red Leg Hermit, with smaller Blue Leg Hermit hitching a ride.

Red Leg Hermit, again

Blue Fin Damsel

Remember, that the LED lights make everything in the aquarium look very blue.


I feed 1-2 times daily. The daily feedings consist of either Saltwater Tropical Flakes, or Pellets. Every 2-3 days I feed this aquarium's residents Pacific Krill, from Instant Ocean. I only feed this sparingly, however as it can cloud the water if not fed properly. My fish, and crabs seem to love it!

And that's all I have for you at the moment. My future plans for this aquarium, is to upgrade it to a 20 gallon, and perhaps turn it into an actual 'reef tank'.
Cool. Can you post a pic of a fts for us to see?
You may also want to stop feeding the flakes, because they'll mess your water quality up quickly and lead to higher phosphates and nitrates.
So, one of my Red Leg Hermit Crabs recently molted. It sure fooled me, though! At the beginning of this past week, I found a crabs skin/shell. I figured one of the crabs had molted. Though, I watched the aquarium, and day after day I would see the shell of one of the crab's facing a rock. Eventually, I picked it up after a week to see if the crab was alive. I could not see anything in the shell. So, I placed the shell back in the aquarium, to see two little crab claws sneak out of the shell later. These are the pictures!

In the pictures, the first shows the skin/shell the crab molted from. The latter shows the crab peeking out of its shell.


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Just a few additional photos :)


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