Alexander's Deco Contest

The mailman(woman) was gracious to me today. Not a single bill an a deco kit!

better late than never! I FINALLY got around to setting mine up today. it literally sat in the box until just this afternoon! i was really impressed on how much flow it produces and how quiet it is :) I used all the materials from my 180 and took a ric from my 10, but it floated under a rock and shrank down really small and is pissed. i dont know if ill ever be able to retrieve it. i would have to tear it down and i dont really want to because i spot welded the rocks together with super glue and dont want to break the formation. decisions decisions.

well I definitely added some stuff today! 2 zoanthid pieces, one with a green slimer acro growing out of it, one green stylophora, one frogspawn, green mushroom and an unkown green sps frag. maybe some type of porites???? anyways let me know if any of you know.




anyone know what this is?



Oh my gosh how cute!

I think I am going to move my fresh water shrimp into my 10gallon community tank and turn my 2.5 gallon into one of these lil picos for my desk
littlefish please let me know if you remember i have another piece of it in my 180

Amber you totally should! its a nice thing to look at while im sitting at my computer!