Airborne Clown


Alabama Reefer
I had an interesting thing happen Sunday afternoon. I was sitting on the couch and I heard a thud like something hit the wall behind the tank. My better half was taking a shower which is directly on the other side of that wall so I thought she may have made the noise. I got up and checked the tank and only saw one of my Saddlebacks which is very unusual. So I investigated the three anemones but he was not there. I got the flashlight and looked behind the tank still nothing. I opened the sump door and a couple of flops later there was the clown covered in dust. I scooped up some tank water in a cup and grabbed the clown and tossed him in the cup. I swooshed him around the cup trying to get all that crap off of him. He was on his side breathing rapidly and not looking to good after his big jump. I netting him and put him back in the tank where he is just as active and eating like nothing ever happened.
Normally I would of been playing golf Sunday afternoon but since I just had knee surgery I was taking it easy.

I think I will name him lucky;)
glade you were there to save him need to put a no fish jumping sign up like this