my stupid cardinal... my least favorite fish by far... just ate my cleaner shrimp that i got like a week ago!! IM SO MAD! now he is swimmig around wish long ass antenas sticking out of his mouth... can he die if he cant swallow the shrimp?? (which he cant) or will he spit it out??

thats it... had to vent
i think the cardinal is going back to the lfs for some credit
bangaii really, you must have ended up with a bad kid.. They don't generally eat shrimp. But stranger things have happened.

If he hasn't already he will most likely be able to swallow the shrimp, see if you LFS will trade you something for him.
makes me mad cause he could have eaten the peppermint in there and i wouldnt care nearly as much... but noooo he ate the shrimp that costed more than he did
im not seeing the shrimp, but the antennas sticking out of the cardinals mouth are really white like the shrimps, dont molts look a little opaque/translucent??
cardinals aare some of the nicest fish i have seen, they are usually not aggressive. but they are still fish and will eat if it fits in its mouth.
odd my shrimp never hide, they molt an walk around i guess u can say naked? just walking an flying around but now i have no shrimp those lil sob's i hate them all :grumble:
Lol, sorry, but the image of a cardinal with shrimp sticking out of his mouth is too funny.

I'd be mad tho, too, if my $10 PJ Cardinalfish at my $50 blood shrimp...
My cardinals wont even get close to my cleaner shrimp. Whenever they swim down to the bottom of the tank the cleaner shrimp chases them to try and clean them and scares them back to the top :)
if you hurry maybe the fish store will give you trade in on the shrimp and the cardinal! JK that sucks though if he really ate your shrimp hope he turns up.