Actinic for killing Cyano?


Reefing newb
It was suggested to me today that Cyano would die off if only actinic lighting was used. Seems that it does not like the wavelength of the light. Anyone have experience with this they would like to add? Seems like it would be a good alternative to a complete blackout.
Yeah not going to be syphoning out anything anytime soon. Two of my fish have ich and I'm try to not stress them. I did scoop out some last week though. I think the cyano, my equipment problems and me messing around in the tank brought on the stress that triggered the ich outbreak. Just going to black out, run the GFO and keep the socks clean for now.
Cyano isn't wholly photosynthetic -- it can survive in low light conditions if the nutrients are there for it. So cutting back on light may help, but it won't fix it.