Acropora feeding on my new home made food mix.


Reefing newb
After the power outage earlier this year I lost some of my acropora sps, lps, some other coral species and some of the survivors just weren’t getting back to really good health.
Also my coris gaimard was not putting on extra body or changing to adult colour as it was before the outage, so I changed my invert mix to get the corals healthy and a slight variation to my fish food mix and total success that was hoped for was achieved.
There is no way the wrasse will stay still long enough to get a pic but most of my acropora are in easy spots to get pics of.
Virtually all my sps,acans and other lps extend polyps with every time I apply this mix, these are a few of them feeding.
All but one of the corals in the pics are from what I could save from the three days of no electricity.
I am nearly over all those years of experimenting that I used to do which allows me to now appreciate it all with near no water changes, no skimmer no live rock and they are all flourishing and their obvious growth rate is such a relief!
It is all so easy if its all done right, but mainly if filtration is done right and they get a good feed, regularly!



Looks pretty. So what is this miraculous mix you're using? And how are you achieving little to no water changes with no skimmer or live rock? We'd all like to know your secret :)
Well, add another curious mind to this list.

I'd love to know what you are feeding and how you accomplished what you did.