aandtsociety aquarium species collecting trips,regs & pics.


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As a club we are all about social interaction, sharing knowledge and collecting or own aquarium species.
A brief over view of what we are allowed to do, out there, when collecting for your aquarium is as follows for those that are interested.
*Firstly the South east Queensland Moreton bay Marine Park.
There are three zones shown in colours on the marine park map where we can collect for our aquariums.

The light blue general use zone, medium blue habitat zone and the yellow conservation zone. The other zones are no take areas.

We can collect at a rate of 5 declared species (animals) per 28 days by the use of a hand held apparatus (Nets or whatever).

No corals, anemonies, etc can be taken or the use of scuba in collecting is not acceptable.

There are several species we see that are not declared and they have no restrictions.
*Secondly most of the rest of southeast Queensland a little more relaxed regulations.
*Then there is NSW.

Down there you have to apply for a permit at the port Stevens fisheries office, then go to a bait or tackle shop and get a fishing license for anything taken from their waters.

You can collect on scuba with the right permit down there.
We know what we are doing!

The practise of the clubs collecting trips have been undertaken since the late 1920s, so you would hope so.

Here is a link to some of our collecting trips

http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj198/aandtsociety/?action=tags&current=Collecting trips

This is a link to some pics of what we see from our photographic member Danny.


This is a link for freshwater trips.

http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/...tion=tags&current=freshwater collecting trips

Or just go to the aandtsociety.org.au website and click on an icon.

You can call Natalie from parks and wildlife about the Moreton bay marine park if still not sure.