A worm? or something else?


Reefing newb
Sorry, can't get a pic because this thing seems photo sensitive. Every time I turn on the tank light or flash a light inside the tank it zips back in its hiding hole.

It seems to be a worm or appendage coming from a whole in a small rock with some mushroom coral on it. It seems to retract too fast for a worm, it will be out a good inch, a flash a light and it retracts in a millisecond. What I can see in the darkness, it does not seem to be a bristleworm, I don't see bristles, and it seems dark in color. Anyone have any suggestions? It is on the same rock I discovered my two baby Featherduster worms earlier today, but in a different spot.
The pics I have seen online seem to confirm your answer. And fortunately they look to be safe. Funny, this one little piece of rock I bought with two pieces of mushroom coral has ome with 2 Asterina Stars, 2 Featherduster worms (babies), and a peanut worm.:shock: