A Living Reefs Compatibility Chart


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I've had a hard time finding a good compatibility chart. All of the charts I find from a decent source (liveaquaria for instance) are terribly difficult to read.

I recently found this one over at Petco; however, the 'compatible' stuff is different than several other charts I've seen (jawfish are compatible with each other with caution for instance).

So, I have an idea. I could code a chart similar to the Petco one, and if you guys here could give advice to what is compatible or not, then I can make a more accurate chart that is easy to read.

Any takers?
I think that is a great idea, but I would pattern it off of the live aquaria one, they are far more reputable than the petco. If you want to finish it and then send it to me, I can make comments and advise on it.