80 gallon aquarium


is an 80 gallon tank a good reef tank. Is it big enoughf to support a yellow tang a royal granma a cleaner wrassie two clown fish a hawk fish and many one or two more fish. Is this a goodenoughf selection of fish. And do u guys think that that this is a good tank and will last me a long time. I just want thoughts from more people than myself and the people seling it to me. Thank you
What are the dimensions of the tank? This will determine if the tank is a good reef tank, and if it suitable for a tang.
ok it is length 48.5 width is 18.5. And heigth is 23.4 is this ok the tang is baby but I want this to be his tank for a long time. Along with other fish with him
It all actually depends on the tang itself.Naso need a lot of room,so do powder blues and browns.
But as long as you keep in mind that the tang is gonna need a bigger tank in a couple of years,and plan for it,the 80 will do fine.
I agree with Yote.
If you've ever seen a grown Tang in action, you will definitely realize how much room they would like to have.

Always aim for the largest tank you can afford.
You say 80g, but I assume from the dimensions it's probably a 90g.

Good luck to you.
ok thank you everyone. I just wanted a tank that I could have for about three or 4 years. I am happy that all of my animals will be happy. How many fish do u think I could add in an 80 gallon reef aquarium. The yellow tang is the biggest fish that I will have the tank other ones are about the size of a clown fish. I just want to have the right ammout of fish so than they will all have enoughf terriotory. I was hoping that you could tell me if these fish are ok.

Two clown fish. A yellow tang. A cleaner wrassie. A royal grama. A hawk fish. Another tang not a yellow tang people told me the yellow tang would get along with this tang but I don't know the name of it. And many a school of four chromises. Or dome other little fish. Plus invertbrays. Thank you it is nice to get expert advisce

Two clown fish, a yellow tang, a cleaner wrassie, a royal grama, a hawk fish, and a type of tang that people said would get alone with a yellow tang but I'm not shoure of the name, and many a couple of little fish more, like a four fish school of blue chromises. I want a little school of something. Thank you everyone it's nice to get expert advice
You could keep about 8 fish happily in that tank, give or take their sizes (obviously, if you want bigger fish, you'll be able to keep fewer than if you kept a bunch of small fish). If the tang is going to be your biggest fish, you could keep 10, even 12 smaller fish.

If you want a second tang, your best bet for them getting along will be to buy a tang from a different genus than the yellow (Zebrasoma). Stay away from other Zebrasoma tangs (like sailfins). The more different two fish are, the less likely they will fight.
your yellow tang will live a full life in that tank. I would avoid trying to put more than one tang in a tank that size. Up to you though. If they are both tiny and you plan to upgrade in a few years, you will be fine

ok thank you as far as what people have told me the two gangs will get along. But sorry I don't know the name of the new tang. He is about the same size as the yellow tang but diffrent body shape. Well thqnx Avon I just wanted to make shoure that all of my fish would have enoughf room to swim and enoughf room to be territorial about. I was hoping to keep this 80 gallon for a good amount of years.
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