6.6 gal. Home made

Well, sory it's been so long for an update on the 6.6. with the arival of my doughter things have been quit hectic, but like they say, "tomorow's a new day".
I plan on going over to water test it for the 2nd time tomorow, and my stand should be dried by now, so hopfuly all will go well and the tank will be here by the weekend.

As for occupency, I was thinking of going with 2 pair of H. zosterae (dwarf seahorse). I'v been trying to do as much research on them as I can and everything seems prity good.
I just joined Seahorse.org and am waiting for my aprovial so I can start questioning over there.
Does anyone here keep horses? or even taken a shot at it and have some hints on what not to do?
any help would be great. Thanks
After watching a few vidoes, they don't seem to be a very active type of sh. so I may decide to change.........OOOOO
My sister started her seahorse tank. She's getting the bigger ones. All I know is that they are very slow eaters and need to be feed several times a day. Plus the plants they like are hard to find.
I just can't decide what I want to do with it. I was so excited about making the tank but now that it's done I have to fill it.......
I want something different. The SH idea might have gone out the window, I don't see myself taking care of my 20, 6.6, and growing brine with a new baby to play with.
I thought of a mantis... But it would have to be one that has a good record of not attacking the glass.
Any ideas of a cool setup? maby just a CBS with a buch of corals?
a little advice?, here's my short list
5 sexy shrimp, 1 court jester goby, rico shrooms, zoos, GSP, Maby an ocellaris. and thats prity much it so far.

Theres still a few small things not listed, like a frag of my leather if I ever get the guts to cut into it.
someone on nano-reef had said it was hard to get the court jester to eat frozen foods but the websites say it's possible.
This tank is soposed to be an easy runing tank so if it's going to be a pain to train it to eat I'm going to go with a high fin red banded goby and a pistol shrimp as a tank mate.

Well, heres what it'll look like when it's on the stand.

and filling with water.....

I'm gona let it sit till thursday morning but then it's go time!
Good work! I would make it a non-reef safe invert tank. Crabs and shrimp. Maybe a mantis or a CBS? Or a nice ricordea tank would be cool.
No mantis. This tank was originated to be a clean looking coral tank with the possibility for a few small inverts to add movment. Its purpos is to add color to my living room. But thankyou for your input.
Well, here it is. The pics were taken from my cell phone so there not the best but.....


Waiting for the cloud to settle......

I did a water change on my 20 and used that water so it's prity much ready to go and I took some smaller pieces of rock out of the 20 also.

When I started my 20 I bought alot of smaller rock thinking it would be fun to puzzle them together. Now I find it's a pain so I took some of the smaller pieces outa the 20 and will buy new,larger, rock for it.

Once the water clears I can start puting a few thing in. I'll take more pics with my camera so they'll come out clearer.