30 Gallon Aquarium

A Spiderman Zoanthid from Epic Corals. It took a little while to open, and I'm sure the color will become more vivid as it adjusts. (as you can see I'm also having some algae issues at the moment)


A small white Xenia frag that I got this weekend:


A 7 polyp Tubastrea Sun Coral I also go this weekend, I think it was a pretty good deal for $20:

Great additions! My sun corals have turned into some of my favorite corals in the tank. They are so responsive. They feel more like pets than the other corals.

Okay, I'm a weirdo. I know.
Some new additions from Cherry Corals:

Blue and Pink Ricordea:


Blue and Green Ricodea:


Aussie Acan "Maxima" (over sharpened a bit sorry):


Last addition of the day, Blastos:


And a clownfish who apparently doesn't like his picture taken early in the morning..

Thought I'd post a full tank shot. Hopefully should have a macro lens soon, which should help me get some better pictures.

Its been a very long time since I've updated this thread, mostly because I've been struggling against Algae and didn't want to draw attention to the issue... But since my LEDs arrived today I figured I had to.

Since my last update I've done a lot:
• Added a 20 gallon sump and Overflow
• Removed Rock
• Added Coral
• Added a Watchman Goby
• Experienced an outbreak of Cyanobacteria
• Found Watchman Goby behind the tank
• Replaced sump that cracked severely
• Added Vortech MP10w ES
• Upgraded to Vertex IN-80 Protein Skimmer
• Lost numerous corals to Cyano
• Defeated Cyanobacteria
• Added Second Vortech MP10w ES
• Explosion of Calupera & Bubble Algae
• Removed Rock
• Added Rock
• Added Phosban Reactor
• Added Biopellet Reactor

Finally, today I added my LED lights. I'm making progress against the algae and I hopeful that between the Phosban and Biopellet reactors, and the lack of red spectrum in the LEDs I can finally regain control of the tank. Without further ado, here at the photos.

FTS with Power Compact Bulbs:

FTS with Vertex Illumina 200: 100% Royal Blue

FTS with Vertex Illumina 200: 100% Blue

FTS with Vertex Illumina 200: 100% White

FTS with Vertex Illumina 200: 100% All

Finally, in order to acclimate my corals to the new light I have it set to peak at: Royal Blue 25%, Blue 25%, and White 20%. I'll keep adjusting this up by 10% a week until I am comfortable with the look.

The coolest thing about this fixture is the software that allows me to control the intensity of the lights down to the minute wireless from my computer. I have a pretty simple setup right now where the lights power up at 10am and gradually increase to max for a 2 hour period at the middle of the day and then gradually reduce to off at 10 pm. The moon comes in at 11:30 pm through 6 am, and the intensity is set to match the lunar cycle. In other words, when its a full moon outside it will be full intensity in here and when its just a sliver in the sky it will be barely visible inside. Additionally, the software will drift 20 clouds across the tank a day with a 3% chance that any of those clouds will produce 1-3 lightening flashes. I'll do a video of all this once I have the intensity up where I want it. This is screenshot of the software interface and my current daylight program.

I've been waiting to switch to LEDs since January, so I'm glad to have finally made the switch. I hope to add some new frags next weekend. The software has this nifty little calculator that tells you how much you are paying per month in electricity to power your program, and according to that I will be paying $1.04 a month. Previously I was paying $9 a month for my Power Compacts, and considering this is as powerful PAR wise as a 400w MH... Well, I'd say thats pretty amazing...