2010 pico contest!

Which 3-gallon setup would you prefer to be used in the contest?


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    Votes: 7 19.4%

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Ok I *might* actually participate in this ^_^

But who is working on getting us some kind of a group discount? =P
Yeah, if he can't get the group discount, could we order the tank now, because of the sale, and wait to get it setup? or get this contest going sooner?
As I (and someone else earlier in this thread) are moving in August/September, I'd like to point out that just moving the contest up isn't really very fair. Plus, there still seems to be debate about which tank to go with.
I'm totally unsure about the discount deal at the moment. We need to decide for sure on the tank first. Although I REALLY want to start sooner I feel september is going to be the most fair time and we will likely start then. Don't buy your pico just yet as there is no official winner of contest gear.

And still holding strong on no modifications. The tank must be run exactly as it ships.
Yea, it's just me trying to get my way now, isn't it? I had a change of plans as to what I want to keep, so I'd be fine with lower flow and less light now, so are there anyother objections?
The deco is just better on levels except looking slightly crappier.
Should we really have a contest between who has the nicest color muchrooms and leathers? I want to be able to at least attempt to keep some kind of SPS in one of these things.
Personally, I don't understand the "no mods" rule. I agree that we should all start with the same equipment but modifying is where the ingenuity and talent lies. Solarfall is right. If we have no mods then we end up with a contest about who has the prettiest 'shrooms and leathers. If we allow mods then old fashioned American ingenuity comes into play and we can be creative with our design.

mods can be done with money also and that takes no talent! by not allowing mods you have to use your talent of being able to work with what you have. plus it keeps it cheaper for the people who are on fixed budgets.