20 gallon lighting


Reefing newb
Just want to know what wattage of light i need , dont want to go halide just yet but want to soon. i have 96 watt on there now and tank has been going since i joind. just want to know what i would need for succsesful sof, polyp, and stony's, if you have advice please reply, oh the light i have is 96 quad 50/50.
Stay with what you have unless the animals you add show they need more. you will need to change out the 50/50 every 6 to 8 months to keep a steady spectrum and intensity. also check out what the manufacturer recommends. and take off a quarter of the time.
Good to see a post from you its been months,
I would say you ok for softies and some LPS(hard)I have 130watts on my setup and my hammer is doing great and growing very well.I would not try SPS(stonies)with the lighting.All though if you put them right under you light you may get lucky.

so you got 130 watt on 20, so if i went to 130 i could do what i want then, oh and were getting this store rolling will have pics soon got alot done cant wait till its done though
Well if i may chime in here. I have found IME that PC tend to loose there punch of power around the 6 month mark. Vho on a 20 gal are really good they have the intense lighting you are looking for but that is IMO. and some one might not agree with me on this one. but it boils down to one thing.

how much are youwilling to spend to have a happy hobby. Heck i have changed my lighting lots just to find out that hey i should have stayed with the other light.

Lots of people are trying the Corallife 150 w HQI as a hang on Mh and gettign great results too. I'm thinking of switching to HQI for my MH to put on my Nano 12g