Zoas, Yellow Polyps and Mushrooms for Sale In Denver


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I will ship at your expense. I'll need your zip code to figure shipping. I will only ship next day/overnight. No 2-day shipping. I want them to arrive healthy so you are happy. Figure about $30--$40 to ship anywhere in the USA, but your zip code will help.

All prices listed below are + shipping.

Yellow polyps:
These are growing on the wall of the tank. Also have a plum sized rock full of them. 50 cents per polyp. As many as you want. The rock probably has at least 75 polyps. I'll sell that whole rock for $20


Orange center Zoas:
I want $2 per polyp for these. I have a small rock about the size of an Oreo cookie thats completely covered in these. Probably 50 polyps on that rock. Nice polyps about 3/8" diameter and 3/4" tall.
Under Actinics:

Same corals under actincs and 10K


Dragon Eye Zoas:
Not sure about the name on these. I killed the majanoe anenome and haven't seen any sign of it in 6 months. I have about 100 of these Zoas and would be willing to frag out pieces of rock in 5--20 polyp frags. $2 per polyp.


Green Fuzzy Mushrooms:
A year ago:


These have split a dozen times in my tank. Very hardy and they LOVE meaty foods. I feed them regularly with Marine Cuisine meaty food. The largest one is probably 4" in diameter and is in the process of splitting right now. I have about 10 in a large colony that I'll sell for $10 each or the entire colony for $75. Also have 2 really small ones--about 3/4" diameter-- that I'll sell as a pair on the same rock for $10.

The large one on the top right of the pic is splitting right now. The 2 smaller ones just below that are about 3/4" diameter. Those are the ones I will sell for $10 as a pair.

Look top left in this pic for a single green stripe mushroom. Details below.


Green Stripe mushrooms:
I have 2 of these that I'll sell for $10 each. They are about 1.5" diameter.

Pic from a year ago:

This is about 1.5" diameter--maybe 2" diameter at the largest.


Thanks for looking. Check my feedback on ebay.
My username is: chrisharris2266

Everything is negotiable. PM or send me an email through this site. I check in here at least once or twice per day and check my email a couple times per day.
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Nice stuff! I have the same green fuzzy mushrooms in my tank. Started with one about 1 inch in diameter, 8 months later I have probably 20+ that are 4+ inches in diameter.

Those are great shrooms for someone who is just starting to keep corals and wants something hardy that grows fast (but is not a plague like kenya weed) or who need a lot of rock cover (like me).
So you would sell that YP rock for 20$ shipped or 50$ shipped?

All prices are + shipping. I thought I spelled it all out pretty clear, but I guess you didn't understand.

I'm asking $30--$40 shipping. Of course, it depends on where you live. I'm not making money on the shipping, just want to cover my expenses.

That rock for $20 would most likely be about $50 or $60 shipped. Your zip code would help if you're interested. That way I can check shipping prices from portal to portal.
This is the yellow polyp rock that I'll sell for $20 + shipping


The rest of them are growing on the glass. I'm not sure how to scrape them off without killing them.

The rock can be sold whole or it can be broken into about 5 pieces.
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Once I get the money ILl ask my dad and ill probaly buy some stuff becuase those are great prices.My birthday is sept. 21st and I have a lot of relitives so i get a lot of money. plus i can work around the house.My LFS would want about 120$ for a piece like that.
It's gonna be first come, first serve Hibye. You send me a PM when you got the money and I'll let ya know what I still have.

Thanks Yote.

Which ones would you like? :mrgreen: Got anything to trade?

I was thinking of shipping in a thermos bottle. I might bag the corals in individual bags and pack them in a thermos. Stuff that in a box full of bubble wrap and peanuts. Next Day Air for an 8x8x8 box can't bee to outrageous.
Thank you.
I sold 2 frags of my orange zoas for $20 and $15.
5 polyps of the green button polyps for $10.
3 small green fuzzy mushrooms for $15.
The large rock of yellow polyps for $20.
One turbo snail shell full of zoas for $30.

I made $110 tonight. :mrgreen:
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Sold the last frag of orange zoas and a purple mushroom today. I scraped some yellow polyps off the back glass with an exacto blade. Guy gave me $40 and wouldn't take any change back. He said that was 1/2 the price of corals locally. I only wanted $30.

I'm 100% outta frags now. I gotta buy some rubble and get some more stuff to grow out onto the rubble.
do you still have the yellow star polyps available.. i live in the springs and am willing to make the drive to pick them up if they are big enough.. hit me up my name is allen my number is 719 xxx xxxx
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Yes, I have yellow polyps and other corals available.

I will call you Tuesday morning before 10am.
Hawaiian - I deleted your number for you. If you post your number online, you are likely to get telemarketed to death. Please keep info like full names, addresses, and phone numbers to PMs, for your sake.