Zoa's Closed up???


Reefing newb
I've had these two frags for a few months now.
They were only fully opened up for about 4 days.
Since then they've closed up, and only partially opened.

Here are my water params as of last night:

Temp: 78 degrees
Salinity: 1.028
KH: 143.2 PPm
NO3: <5 PPm
PO4: 0.25 PPm
Ca: 720 PPm

Yes, I know the calcium is a bit high.
I did a 10% WC last night after the test.
Still closed up.
They get roughly 12 hours of light per day.
My Candy Cane is doing just fine, nice green heads, about to break into a third.

Inhabitants are as follows:

1 Clown Fish
1 Star Fish. (Identification needed, see other thread in inverts)
2 Conehead Snails
2 Mexican Turbo Snails

The fish and snails were added within the last 3 days...

I just moved the Zoa's down further in the tank to see if they were getting too much light.
If that doesnt work and they dont come out by next week, what could it be?


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The salinity is high. What kind of flow is on them? Mine don't like a lot of flow. Also, the first picture looks like they are stretching to get more light. I would change only one thong at a time. Try and lower the salinity to 1.024-1.025
Salinity is kinda high. Calcium is ~200 ppm too high, but it wont hurt. My guess is too much flow or something bothered them. They should open back up soon.
Phosphate is also a bit high. What exactly do you have for lighting? Filteration? How often do you do water changes and what is your source water?
My water source is RO water.
My lighting is two TruLumen 8 in. strips.
Filtration is just a standard HOB filter.
I switch out the media twice per month.
Water changes are 10% every two weeks as well.
Bump the water change to 20% every two weeks. There might also be detris or something else accumulating on them so try and GENTLY scrub them with a toothbrush.